Nowadays, people always want to keep their body healthy and fitness. Dieting plan is very important for human. For this reason, they are trying many different ways to reduce their weight or watching many videos in you tube or TV which are related to exercise or follow doctor advice. But, it is very sad news that few people have got to benefit. And maximum people could not find the proper way to decrease their weight. Now, we are going to tell the effective ways to reduce the weight.


Drinking water is very important for our health and body to reduce weight. Drinking water helps you to maintain the balance of your body fluids. Water helps our body to function properly, all the cells and organs. Water keeps our body temperature lower and to protect sensitive tissues and the spinal cord. It also used to lubricate the joints. We lose water from our body through activities such as sweating and urination in the everyday working process. It’s important to fill up this. According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), an adequate intake for men is approximately 13 cups (3 liters) and 9 cups (2.2 liters) for women every day. Drinking a glass of water before a meal reduces appetite.it is easy process to avoid eating extra foods. In this way, you can keep your body healthy and slim body.


                                                                                  Water helps reduce weight

Portion Control

All foods should be eaten on salad size plates in place of traditional dinner plates. These plates must be approximately 7-inches in diameter. When you are eating at a restaurant, ask to waiter that your food should be given on a salad plate. You must be follow the 1 serving size, when you are eating soups or stews. Portion sizes of meals must be no larger than the palm of your hand.

Exercise controls weight

If you want your body healthy and fitness, then exercise plays an important role on your body. Regular exercise can help you to prevent extra weight gain or maintain your weight loss. When you engage in physical activities, you lose a lot of energy and calories. You should be exercise a minimum of 30 minutes per day. It is easy exercise for you to take stairs in place of the elevator throughout the day. When you are going to shopping nearby, you must be avoided vehicle.  It’s also another part of exercise to remove excess fat from our body.

Select Your Food

Food select plays a very important part for our health to decrease weight. You will select fresh fruits, vegetables and eat lean cuts of meat and avoid all deep fried foods, battered, alcohol. Every day, eat 2-3 healthy snacks and 3 small meals helps to control your health. We would like to eat many sweet snacks such as chocolate, cakes and candy. It is a high time to avoid this, if you want to continue your diet. You should eat naturally sweet food such as peppers and fruit and also choose low sugar products.

This dieting plan make in such a way, if you will follow this to change eating habits and workouts, then you will definitely get benefit. You will achieve about an 5-pounds weight loss at the end of the month.