Content Strategist & Data Storyteller

growth hacking, content marketing, marketing research

I am a writer to the heart, who loves data and utilizes storytelling in my inbound marketing campaigns. I like to work with the customer journey and buyer persona. Also, I have experience in email marketing, paid marketing, growth hacking, business development and a little bit of customer support.

WordPress Lover and Regular Contributor

I really love WordPress, although I cannot develop WordPress plugins or themes, nor can I help in the Core contribution. However, I try to help the WordPress Community in any way possible. That is why I organize Meetups in my local city, Dhaka. I am a Co-organizer and have successfully organized 3 Meetups, where more than 120 people attended and participated. There I took several sessions to share my knowledge of WordPress and convinced other people to contribute. I have attended 4 WordCamps [ WC Pokhara, WC Kathmandu, WC Kolkata and WC Ahmedabad ].

I also spoke at WordCamp Kathmandu on Marketing Fundamentals to level up your WordPress Business. Here are some of my contributions to WordPress.

Content Marketing

I started my career as a creative content writer. Currently, I am playing the role of the Head of Content & Marketing at weDevs, which is a WordPress Product Company selling multiple enterprise level solutions. Over the last 2 years, I have significantly changed the way weDevs markets its products and helped in increasing ROI by more than 300%.

Basically, I look after the entire marketing activities of my company. We are responsible for  –

  • business storytelling
  • company branding
  • inbound marketing
  • marketing research
  • paid advertisement
  • SEO & SEM
  • business development
  • email marketing
  • growth hacking
  • social media marketing and other related stuff.

Most importantly, I can prepare any type of content within adequate time and maintain the best quality possible. Whether it is formal, informal, web or academic writing, I am capable of making the piece standard enough to fulfill its true purpose. So, it becomes easy for me to guide and empower my team of 15 people! They are working very hard to develop quality content and share them on various channels.

You can check some of my writing –

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Growth Hacking

Recently, I have been focusing greatly on growth hacking. Traditional marketing is no longer a suitable method for marketing products these days. So, growth hacking can be a lethal weapon for any company. Thus, I use the AARRR framework for making sure –

  • we are driving enough traffic
  • convincing them with high-quality content
  • give something valuable so that they frequently visit us
  • convert them with market fit products
  • finally, transform them into advocates who would happily refer us to others.

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Research & Data Analysis

The most important skill that every single professional need is the ability to conduct research thoroughly following a sound methodology and extract valuable information so that they can be used to come up with new solutions and better understanding. I am very efficient in researching and can compile information to find the most appropriate solution easily. Besides that, I am capable of analyzing data and transform them into a readable format with storytelling.

Application Development

As an IT engineer and also a content marketer, I am capable of conducting system engineering with proper market research and prepare applications that can stand out in the crowd fulfilling all the requirements. I am also familiar with Android, PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, Watson Analytics and Arduino. I have prepared some successful projects including smart home, IoT weather bot, University Management System, Bloodbank, Smart File Server, eCommerce websites, Library Management System, Online Marketing Tools, Online Decision Maker, etc.

What Am I Looking For

A friendly work environment, where I can enrich my knowledge of content marketing and data-driven storytelling. I always stay away from toxic people and politics. Basically, I am looking for a place where I can grow with my team and add value to the company or business that I am working for.