Mainul Kabir Aion

Content Strategist & Data Storyteller




Research & Data Analysis

The most important skill that every single professional need is the ability to conduct research thoroughly following a sound methodology and extract valuable information so that they can be used to come up with new solutions and better understanding. I am very efficient in researching and can compile information to find the most appropriate solution easily. Besides that, I am capable of analysing data and transform them into a readable format with storytelling.


Application Development

As an IT engineer and also a content marketing expert, I am capable to conducting system engineering with proper market research and prepare applications that can stand out in the crowd fulfilling all the requirements. I am familiar with Android, PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, Watson Analytics and Arduino. I have prepared some successful projects including smart home, IoT weather bot, University Management System, Bloodbank, Smart File Server, eCommerce websites, Library Management System, Online Marketing Tools, Online Decision Maker etc. 


Content Development

I started my career as a creative content writer and still, I am playing the role of the Head of Content in my current company weDevs. I can prepare any type of content within adequate time and maintain the best quality possible. Whether it is formal, informal, web or academic writing, I am capable of making the piece standard enough to fulfill it’s true purpose.  



August 2018

Completed MSc in Information Technology

I have recently completed Masters in Information Technology from Jahangirnagar University and waiting for the final result. 

Completed B.Sc with Deans Award

The University of Derby is one of the renowned universities in the UK. I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from there and achieved First Class Honours. For my outstanding academic performance, I was awarded the Deans Award for being the Best International IT Student.

June 2016


Published Conference Papers

1. International IEEE Conference Paper- Comparative Security Analysis of Software Defined Wireless Networking (SDWN)- BGP and NETCONF Protocols, ICCIT, Bangladesh 2016

2. International IEEE Conference Paper- Security Analysis of Software Defined Wireless Network Monitoring with sFlow and FlowVisor, ICCES, India, 2016 

3. Conference Paper- Real Time Big Data Analytics and Stream Processing for Enterprise Ready Hadoop, SCIEV University of Dhaka, 2016

4. International IEEE Conference Paper- Making the Cloud Energy Efficient- An Approach to Make the Data Centers Greener, 4th International Conference on Informatics Electronics & Vision, Fukouka, Japan, 2015

Graduated From College

Higher National Diploma in Computing and Systems Development from Pearson (Edexcel) with 16 Distinctions.Got awarded the 1st Runner Up in the “Outstanding International Student 2015” at Pearson
Edexcel Awards 2015 for outstanding achievement in HND.

November 2014


Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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