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WordPress plugins

WordPress is the largest content management system that helps you to share content with the world but it didn’t stop there. It provides you lots of free WordPress plugins and themes. With these plugins, you can add a huge amount of functionality to your website without even knowing a single line of coding.

There are 57k+ plugins are available in WordPress. In this blog, I will discuss some must-have plugins that you will need for your blog.

Why you should consider WordPress for your Blog?

WordPress is the highest-ranked CMS (Content Management System). WordPress Made content management easy. Most of the blogger consider WordPress for creating their blogging website. The reasons behind this consideration are:

  • No complex coding skills will be needed.
  • Makes blogging easier.
  • Helps to build beautiful and unique websites.
  • Super user friendly.
  • 100% SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content management friendly.
  • Provides unique plugins and themes.
  • Provides Customization facility to your website.
  • Easy to install and content management facility.

Your must-have WordPress plugins

WordPress plugins add unique and useful functionality to your websites without bothering to know coding skills. Around 57k+ free plugins are available to WordPress and you can use them as you like to add functionality to your website.

Some must have WordPress plugins that you will need for your blog are:

CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice Plugin

It helps you in the GDPR compliance for cookies

Number of active installations: 1+ million

Total downloaded times: 9,848,217

WordPress.org rating is 4.8


  • Helps in compliance with CCPA, CNIL, DSGVO, RGPD, LGPD as well
  • Customizable cookie consent notice
  • Auto-cookie scan
  • Granular consent for cookies
  • Auto-script blocking of third-party cookies
  • Cookie consent log
  • Geo IP based cookie notice exclusion


It is used for google analytics and the best WordPress plugin.

Number of active installations: 2+ million.

Total number of downloads: 79,380,031.

Its WordPress.org rating is 4.6.

WordPress plugins


  • It performs universal website tracking. you can set it up with a few clicks across your device.
  • It increases eCommerce tracking.
  • Tracks automatically outbound links.
  • Which call to action can result in more clicks, it provides that information.
  • Which files are downloaded more from which pages it provides that information.
  • Maximizes engagement of visitors. Which content can decrease user interest, It tracks that.
  • tracks focus keyword, telephone and email, media, form, userId, and lots more.


It’s an easy WordPress contact form plugin.

Number of active installations: 4+ million.

Total downloaded times: 56,730,455.

WordPress.org rating is 4.9.

WordPress plugins


Creates a form within a few minutes. It provides drag and drop form builder.

provides pre built template for forms.

makes website mobile responsive.

Provides instant form notification to your leads.

Transfers long forms into multi page forms.

provides spam protection, user registration and lots of other features.

Elementor page builder:

It’s a website builder plugin. It provides lots of unique designs. Also provides high-end designs that are not used before in WordPress.

Active Installation id 5+ million.

Total downloaded times: 83,854,042.

Its WordPress.org rating is 4.8.

WordPress plugins

Revive old post:

It creates more traffic to the website by sharing old posts on social media. It increases social media followers and engagement of existing followers. Number of active Installations: 40000+.

Total downloaded times: 2,305,938.

Its WordPress>org rating is 4.

WordPress plugins


It nurtures leads by sharing previous posts on social media.

Number of active installations: 1+ million.

Total downloaded times: 43,390,482.

Its WordPress.org rating is 4.4.

WordPress plugins


  • Improves lead generation. It is tested that conversion is increased by 785%.
  • Targets Geo-location that increases audience engagement, sales, conversion, and also personalizes websites.
  • converts visitors into subscribers and customers.


This plugin helps to detect spam comment and remove them.

Number of active installations: 5+ million.

Total downloaded times: 180,550,203.

Its WordPress.org rating is 4.7.

WordPress plugins


  • provides protection towards spam comments.
  • Helps to focus on real comments.


Number of active installations: 5+ million.

Total downloaded times: 205,700,540.

Rating of WordPress.org is 3.9.

WordPress plugins


  • Blocks comment and form spamming.
  • Saves changes that you make.
  • Improves performance like fast-page loading, increases the site’s speed.
  • Customizes websites and helps to find the right content.
  • Tracks customer and leads automatically.
  • Provides social sharing.

Yoast SEO:

This plugin attracts visitors and increases reader engagement.

Number of active installations: 5+ millions.

Total downloaded times: 288,026,945.

Rating of WordPress.org is 4.9.

WordPress plugins


  • Finds out the related keywords.
  • Suggests post related links.
  • Helps to build structures by internal linking blocks.
  • Provides a clear idea about your page to google.
  • Shows how it looks like on a mobile screen.
  • Shows how it looks like on social media if you share your page.

WP Smush:

It Increases the speed of the google page.

Number of active installations: 1+ million.

Total downloaded times: 25,828,429.

WordPress.org rating is 4.8.

WordPress plugin


  • Increases page’s speed in the easiest way..
  • Reduces file size.
  • Resizes a huge image.


It’s the world’s highest-ranking backup plugin.

Number of active installations:3+ million.

Total number of downloads: 44,225,096.

Rating of WordPress.org is 4.8.

WordPress plugins


  • Simply backups and restores data, files.
  • Helps to set up an automatic backup schedule.


It increases the engagement of the visitors by sending them an instant notification. This plugin sends an instant web push notification to reach your customer.

Number of active installations: 3k+.

Total number of downloads: 70,888.

4.1 is the rating of WordPress.org.

WordPress plugins


  • Sends custom notifications to your visitors.
  • Automatically informs your customers when the price decreases.
  • Tracks goal and revenue.
  • Multi-user can be added to the PushEngage account.
  • Supports multi browsing.
  • Sends your new blog notification.


WooCommerce is the world’s number one plugin for creating an eCommerce store.

number of active Installations: 5+ million.

Total number of downloads: 118,043,058.

Its rating is 4.5.

WordPress plugins


  • Gives the highest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking.
  • Customizes your page within a few minutes.
  • Makes your page more beautiful by using themes.

Creative mail:

This plugin is used for WordPress and Woocommerce. It increases the sell of your product by adding features of your product in the email.

Number of active installations: 70000K+.

Total number of downloads: 317,363.

For creative mail rating of WordPress.org is 4.7.

WordPress plugin


  • Helps to create emails
  • Automatically gathers new contact from your signup forms and WooCommerce stores.
  • Helps to increase the selling of the product by creating unique mail.


This plugin changes the appearance of the WordPress sites without changing the page speed.

Active installations of it: 70000+.

Total downloaded times: 619,051.

For otter rating of WordPress.org is 4.9 out of 5.

WordPress plugin


  • Makes unique customized blocks.
  • Creates mobile responsive images.
  • Provides building blocks and templates.
  • Helps to create contact forms for free.
  • Adds a google map with your website.

Summing up:

Now, you know which plugins you will need for adding which functionality to your website. This knowledge about WordPress plugins can make your blogging journey more delightful and easy. You can also try social media plugins for WordPress that might help you with social sharing and buttons. Here’s an Infographic provided by¬†Crazy Egg on choosing the right social media plugin.

If you want to know more new plugins then you can check out the following video-

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