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A well organised career plan can lead to success, whereas a dislodged and undisciplined path can take you to an utter distress. It is a very important that you must have a well-planned career thinking. Otherwise, your whole life will be suffering without a glimpse of success. Even for every little step should be planned to make the things related to your whole career planning a lot easier. First, we will have a short overview of how making a plan, and then we will have an example of career planning development.

First, to develop a career plan, we have to go through the five step model. There are so many other models regarding, the matter but this model is considered as more of an effective one.


You need to assess the surrounding in which your chances are evolving. Your chances include both the opportunities and the risks. Both of these should be evaluated very warily because any of these are left, then it might harm your future plans. Assessment should be done with an utter level of rationalism. Any emotion should not be given emphasis. On the other hand, you should be aware your passion. If you are passionate about something, then you need to think about your passion with enough time and diligence. A good and unbiased assessment makes you prepare a more realistic career plan.


The second step makes you know more widely in which areas you will have, the more chances of having a right path. For example, if you are a major in finance, you have a wide range of career opportunities. You can be a financial broker or financial executive in an organisation. The government offices also need the financial manager as they also need financial executives for operating the financial chores. So you can be a government official being a finance graduate. Likewise, each and every kind of the majors will have the chances of getting the appropriate workforce.


After exploring the various opportunities, one should prepare for the goal. Preparation should be done according to the goals which are set. Preparation is very important in the goal achieving process. Without enough preparation, it is not possible for anyone to achieve the set goals.  If you are intending to be a certified financial analyst (CFA), you need to take at least 400 hours of preparation to be passed. Otherwise, it seems a job well beyond the reach. Though the preparation process does not come in a concrete form, rather it varies from person to person.


It is the time of your life when you get sharpened yourself with the skills that you would require in the future to accomplish the set goals. This is a very important time for you because at this time you get totally prepared for the future life. If anyone uses the time properly, then in the real professional life, it would help the person the most. Communication and networking should be given so much emphasise that it would help you the needed help in the professional life.


At the last step, you have to take the final step to get involved in a specific workforce- in which area of the profession you choose to go. The final decision is taken in the last year or final year of your academic career. You may have different offers from a different organisation, but you need to think about the future and your mind set-up. This decision will make your whole career pathway. So you need to very cautious about the decision you make at the end. Remember one thing, if you think that you are joining just for a little while and you would switch the profession, it would not be a wise choice to make as things might not come along with you when you want them.

An example of career plan

Take a name Mr. Carlson David. He is 19 years old and intends to get admitted into a college. He is very good at mathematics and wishes to be a graduate as a similar type of subject. But he wants to be a bread earner as soon as possible as his father’s retirement plan is coming soon. It might not possible for his father to support him so long. So after assessment of his terms and conditions, he tries to get admitted in a well-reputed college in the finance department. The career of a financial executive can lead one to a good amount of money and the job will not be so time-consuming to get.

Then Mr. David has to prepare himself to get admitted into a renowned college. The preparation should be started with trying to fill the requirements needed to get admitted.

After getting admitted he needs to collect all the skills he could get. One thing he needs to keep in mind that he should not run after every piece of skills, rather to those which will serve him and his goal.

Then at the last step he has to decide in which institution he would be served best. He might be in a situation in which he would have a variety of options.


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