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Are you tensed with your health situation? Yes, it is quite obvious that health has become a name of great anxiety as the deadly diseases are breaking the shackles in numerous numbers. Go to your vicinity and you will find at least single person with a lethal disease in each house. Isn’t it a frightening scene?

Without any reasoning, yes it is. The main reason pointed out by the researcher is that an unbalanced diet in daily meals. Obesity, high blood sugar, hypertension, tumor, cancer, skin disease may be the result of an unhealthy diet. A diet which gives us energy can be deadly in that sense. So having fresh and natural diet is must for living a healthy diet.

But often we get confused what to eat and what not. We even get confused about how much to take. So at the end of the day we are so misguided that end up eating those things which tells upon our health. Moreover, many of us think that a healthy diet might not be that much of tasty. Do not taboo yourself. Even good cooking can easily make things delicious, that made you yuk previously. So trying to find out the diverse path of preparing a healthy, but tasty diet will lead to a more wholesome lifestyle. But, above all we need to know what to take. Here are some of the foods that can change your life radically:


Milk is most balanced food on the earth. A glass of milk will provide you with all the fuel to keep your machine going. Especially for kids it is very important food item. It has a lot of vitamin A, D and calcium, which help develop the bones and teeth. It is very easy to digest. But people with any stomach problem need to avoid milk.


Eggs are highly healthy – they have a wealth of vitamins and minerals. They are one of the most excellent sources of high class protein. It has 9% fat and water. Each egg contains about 12.9g of protein. The cholesterol is about 375mg in an egg. So eggs are wise decision to have in the daily diet. But if you are over 30, then try not to exceed 5 eggs in a week.


Fish includes vitamins A and D, iodine, selenium, magnesium and phosphorus in marine fish. It has protein like the meats. It is easily digestible and positively complements dietetic protein provided by legumes and cereals. Experts say that, even in little quantities, fish have a significant helpful impact in improving the excellence of dietary protein by complementing the vital amino acids that are often available in low quantities in vegetable-based diets.


Meat includes vitamins B-2, B-1, B-6 and B-3 and vitamin E. Vitamin E provides as an antioxidant, which helps to stop free radicals from damages to your cells. All B vitamins work jointly to turn the food you eat into power. Vitamin B-1 promotes healthy muscles and a healthy heart. B-2 manufactures red blood cells. Vitamin B-3 promotes good digestion. Your body utilizes vitamin B-6 to produce protein. Meat products hold more than a few minerals, including iron, zinc and magnesium. The body needs magnesium to erect and preserve strong bones. Iron helps the body to transport oxygen through blood. Zinc is vital for maintaining a strong immune system.

Green vegetables

You can find lots of vitamins and minerals in leafy vegetables. They are loaded with fiber which is vital nutrient for losing weight and preservation because it makes you stay feeling packed and aids to organize your hunger. Fiber can also reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Leafy greens also have a lot of water, which aids make your need of water filled and supplies the necessity to beautiful skin and hair. Some green vegetables are particularly rich in calcium. Leafy greens contain potassium which protects against osteoporosis and helps control blood pressure.

Non-green vegetables

Non-green vegetables like beet-root, carrots contain similar types of minerals and vitamins as do the green vegetables. These are easily available and not too expensive.

Nuts and seeds

These are rich in energy, protein, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. The most interesting fact is that they have high food value, yet they are totally ambrosias. But the price may give you a bit headache.


We all need herbal things in our daily lifestyle. In any of the ways, whether for their smell, or for their healing power, or in lovely recipes we need them. The herbal’s advantages are many. For the spiritual needs or for any spicing up the food we use them very frequently.


They are hardly any person on the earth who would say no to fruits. High in food value must be made compulsory for meal as giving you everything energy, water, amino acid, minerals, anti-oxidant, vitamins. All that we need to have a healthy life can be provided by the fruits.


The creamy thing has great food value as it can maintain the body temperature. The amount of water we can have from having yogurts is beyond mention. It helps grow certain good bacteria which keep our body balanced.


Many think that oil is the main culprit for the obesity. That’s not always true. To some extent oil pumps up the problem of high cholesterol. But we cannot ignore the advantages provided by the olive oil and sunflower oil. Actually well refined oil keeps our body composure right. The problem that happens with the oil is mainly due to animal oil. We need to avoid the animal oil except the fish oil.

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