Personal brand image is the first impression one makes when he/she walks into a room, writes an email, answers a phone or shows up on camera. In fact every single impression one makes every day is his personal brand image. Like it or not, people make a perception about you, right after they meet you.

This somehow biased perception leads them to decide whether they are going to stick around and engage with you or just take off. In today’s world you have to move people’s instant perception in your favor to attain success.

10 Personality Tips to Impress Others around You

The key to enrich your personal brand image is making a consistent impression, because you never know who is going to find you where they’ll first encounter you. So here are some tips on how to make consistent impression to enrich your personal brand image:

Know Yourself

Knowing who you are is fundamental to effective personal branding. Try to understand who you are-discover your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, talents, abilities and experiences. If you can know yourself properly, consider half of your job is done to build a good personal brand image.

Be a Good Listener

The most important problem of people nowadays is they tend to talk more and listen less. Many people just don’t bother about listening to what others say. To build a good personal brand image, you need to be a good listener. You need to show others around you that you care about what they say. Hang on their every word and make them feel important.

Have an Opinion

Don’t be the guy who always shrugs his shoulder and runs under peer pressure. Have an opinion. A conversation has nowhere to go if you have nothing to expound on. Even if you have different opinions don’t be afraid to share that. A unique outlook makes you more interesting and it sure helps to enrich your personal brand image.

Have Good Manners

Be a gentleman. Have good manners. It maybe a little thing, but it can make a huge difference. Like it or not, your personal brand is always on show. Your family, friends, colleagues and employers always watch you and keep scoring you. A slight mistake with your manner and they will remember you for a completely wrong reason and that will affect your personal brand image. So behave yourself!

Know what to do and what not to do when you are with other people. Remember any time you contact with someone you are making a mini presentation of yourself. Don’t let your manners ruin your presentation. Instead use it as a chance to make yourself look better.

Network All The Time

Try to build relationship with as many people as possible. Know them. Interact with them. The ones who know best will talk about you to others-this will surely help your personal brand image get better. Make lots of friends and make sure those people have diverse backgrounds. The next time you need a favor or help on a project, you will have someone to call.

Be Consistent

Although unpredictability is an interesting thing, most people like some dependability among his friends, family and colleagues. For example, if you always talk about how important punctuality is but regularly show up late, people may brand you as a hypocrite. So be consistent in your words and activities, don’t let inconsistency ruin your brand image.

Get Feedback

Public perception has a strong influence on personal branding. It is always important to know what the people around you think about you. It’s the part of the process of uncovering and clearly defining your personal brands. Finding out what people think about you will help you discover your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Stay Fit

Yes you have read that right. Fitness is also a very important factor while enriching your brand image. Whether it is your office, a social event or a girl a good first impression will always be helpful while enriching your personal brand image. Physical fitness will come in handy for you in this prospect.

There are a lot more benefits for fit. It will increase your confidence and help you cope well with stress and distractions. Participating in sports will also help you feel good. So come out of your cave and do some exercise. You will never regret this.

Consider Your Appearance

When it is about personal brand image, appearance does matter. First impression always plays a vital role in people’s perception about anyone. So if you want to impress someone, you better dress up nicely. Besides good attire not only impresses people around you but it also makes you feel better and gives you confidence. This eventually helps you to produce better results and enrich your personal brand image.

Don’t Forget to Read More

The more you read the more interesting you are to other people. Reading introduces you with so many interesting things that you did not know before. It gives you new topics to share with people around you. You can show them how much you know about those things and what are your thoughts on them. You will come to know about their thoughts on those things too. These exchanges of thoughts will certainly help you become a better person.

Be There for People: People will always remember it if someone helps him in his toughest days. So don’t hesitate to help people around you if you can. Do them favors. Maybe one day you will need a favor from them.

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