Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend." _Theophrastus (372 BC-287 BC). The quotation says it all. No other thing in life passes as quickly as time does and it never comes back to us. In the perspective of philosophy, in the perspective of religion or through the goggles of a career specialist, Time is one of the most valuable gifts that man has ever had. This gift costs a man nothing. As per economics it is a free and abundant good. But not many of us realize its importance and act accordingly.

Now every activity needs basically three types of inputs. They are material goods, skill and TIME. Yes, time. That is why we all should understand the importance of time and learn how to manage it in our lives. Time management is important for your personal life and career success. It makes you effective and lets you make the most out of anything you do. Ask any successful person or corporate coach about and you will know how important it is for success. So, here are some of the importance of time management discusses below.

 Your Time is limited

Our time in this life is limited. Everyone needs to stop one day. And in work, everyone gets the same amount of work hours, hence if anyone wants to do more, achieve more or needs more time to do the job efficiently, time management is a must. Because it enables you to be able to see the loophole in your daily activity list where you can bring out some additional time for your work.

A Chinese proverb goes by, ‘no amount of gold will buy you time that has passed’. Knowing its importance, you should cherish it. We all have deadlines in our works, and even if we start the work or not, gradually the deadlines approach forward, hence it is wise to use the time and get to work rather than waste it just for nothing.

 Increases output and efficiency

It’s better time management that gives you extra hours out of the normal schedule. You complete your daily tasks in lesser time because of time management than you would do without it. By taking control of your time, you’re able to stay attentive on the task at hand. This leads to higher efficiency since you never drop thrust.

Just imagine you are on a mile test and you stop by every few minutes. This makes you get more tired and hence take longer time to complete the test. By managing time efficiently you do your work quicker and better and hence learn to do better work. You get more time to learn new things and hence your productivity increases.

 Better Decision Making Ability

Often we get more than one option to choose for just one event or decision. Hence, it is necessary to understand all the options and then take the decision. Time management gives you an extra time to breathe and sit back and relax. This makes your brain get some rest and you can think properly. Thus, time management not only teaches us managing time for our lives but it also teaches us how to take better decision. Because, if you are stressed and do not have enough time to think before you take the decision how can you take a 100% self-satisfactory decision?

 Get some Extra Hours than others

Everyone gets the same work hour in a workplace. And everyone is stuffed with lots of work to do. Corporate environment knows how to get lots of jobs done by one person. Hence, if you want some extra time for you, you
need to do you work in a planned way. So, time management can make you successful will less stress. This habit does not build up in one day. It takes time and patience. Remember, smalls bits together make up a large thing. So, be patient and manage your time well.

 Discipline and Control over life

By practicing time management, you can govern the way your life goes. You get a better and clearer perception of your abilities and understand what can be done in the time. You are better prepared and do not remain stick with the problem of deadlines. Deadline predicaments are unknown to you, instead, you spend your time comforting when others are stressing about work. You should not be afraid thinking that you will be too stiff and stressed with your time. What happens is the opposite. You’ll gain more liberty because you’re less reliant on outside events to regulate your time. Thus, your time is controlled by you and not anyone else.

 Gives more scope for rest and enjoyment

Because of time management, you get the work done in less than stipulated time in a quality fashion. In the end, you end up with extra time. So, there is a great scope of yours to use that time. It is good to have enough
rest and a good time of recreation. Because, time management is a skill, and this also takes up some energy of yours. So, you need some refreshment to keep up your efficiency and rest to keep your body going. We all love our lives. Hence, we all should give some of our lives. And time management makes it happen, even though you had always been on a very tight schedule.

 A Pre-requisite to Success

Setting goals are one important step to success. And these goals are to be planned into a timeline. And this timeline needs to be managed well. Because not all the factors considered while planning this timeline will stay same in the course of time. So, a good management of time is a prerequisite to success.

 Knowing to prioritize

Prioritizing activities is a very important part of time management. You need to understand which tasks are more important and more urgent. The urgent and important tasks are to be done immediately. But what wise people would do is, priorities their activities in such a way, that they can do the important and not urgent activities too. This comes with a future benefit. The self-help book names ‘First Things First’ by Stephen Covey teaches us this technique of time management. If we can prioritize tasks properly and hence manage our time in such manner then we can do a lot of activities in less time with no stress at all.

 Stress Reduction

People think that maintaining such rigorous time schedule or ordering the life in a planned way is a lot of stress. But in reality, what happens is that this process reduces the stress. Remember the example of mile test above. It might seem like a helpful thing to stop after a few minutes during a run, which is what we do in our daily lives, but in the end, it actually creates more stress for us. Thus, time management does not increase our stress rather it reduces stress and brings comfort and extra time to our lives.

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