Why Your Resume Goes to Recycle Bin

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Resume Goes to Recycle Bin

For a specific job the employers have to look through thousands of resumes. Generally, a resume gets 20-30 seconds to be shortlisted. The more resumes the shorter time per resume gets to be shortlisted. Though fulfilling all the requirements a resume may become trashed within seconds for very tiny mistake. Some common causes that may make your resume thrashed are-

Full contact info

Looking through a resume what grabs the attention of the employer is the contact information.  Add the full contact information (cell no, email id, present residence). If you have LinkedIn profile, then add that one as well. Avoid using unprofessional email id like hotboy46@yahoo.com.

Firm introduction

A firm introduction will give you an edge to catch the eyes of the reader.  Generally starting the career objective stating ‘I am a hardworking worker seeking a challenging career with favorable surrounding’ makes your resume so much commonplace. Rather try something more creative.

Size of resume

Many suggest a standard resume will be 2-3 pages. But there is no such touchstone to draft a resume.  Actually the size of the resume depends what kind of job you are applying for. One should keep in mind while drafting a resume that the resume should not be too much short or lengthy. A short resume makes the employer believe that the resume lacks required information. On the other hand length may seem boring to have glimpse over the resume.


A well-composed resume keeps the employer reading the resume. But a resume with grammatical mistakes, poor formatting, inconsistent presentation of information, spelling mistakes, not highlighting the required info, and wrong font compel the reader to trash your resume away. Using too much ‘I’ and ‘Me’ in a resume and cover letter gives a feeling of arrogance in the mind of the reader. If you put reference in your resume attach the reference in different paper. The word ‘reference the will be provided later’ creates a negative impression on you.


If your resume does not contain the necessary qualification then the employers do not bother to check your resume further.  So before drop your resume for any job match your qualification with required criteria.

Relevant info

Most of the resumes face darkness because of the presence of irrelevant information. Employer do not need to know about your religion, height even sex. One does not need to incorporate all the courses he/she has accomplished. Rather only that specific job-related courses should be included. Information like religion or height will only be included when it is demanded by the employer.

Highlighting achievements and skills

Employers want to know what you have done in the past. What sort of skills you possess.  The achievements should be presented in eye-catching way. One should point out the fulfillment of assignments, specific training, creative ideas invented in prior organizations. Skills if followed by credible documentation make your resume more effective.


If the info provided in resume clashes within itself then the resume will surely be in recycle bin. The employers have good experience in finding out the false representation.  While adding the reference in resume ensure that person will say in favor of you. So being truthful in resume is very necessary.

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