Understanding your employers psychology

Employers hire people because of two reasons. Either they cut costs of the company or they generate revenue over the expenses to a substantial amount. But all this come through processes like recruitment and selection and after that the employee gets the opportunity to showcase his/her potentials. Even after getting employed, it is necessary for the employee to understand their bosses’ mentality and keep the work balance in a favorable way.

For Job Recruitment

For job recruitment interviews, understanding the psychology of the employer is very important for the job seeker. It is always said, that the employers seek for the person with the ‘Right-Mindset’. But to have this right mindset we need to understand the mindset of the employer or the interviewer. So, here are some tips to help job seekers prepare for their upcoming interviews and read between the lines of their employers’ expressions.

Do some Background Checking

Before you go for your recruitment test or interview, make sure you know enough about the company, its culture and values and of course about your ‘to be’ boss. This can be done easily if we keep a good network in the workplace with friends working at different places and keep good connection with all. If anyone gets to know what kind of people they will be facing in the interview board, then can better prepare themselves for the meeting.

Employers’ mentality varies from person to person

No two interviews are identical. Because at different places different people will take your interview. It can be a recruiter, a HR manager, a line manager or all of the three combined. Each of them look after a certain section of the business of the company and hence each of them will have a different agenda for the interview. So, it is important to understand their mindset and reply with that person in that manner.

Reading the Recruitment Consultant’s Mind

Whenever you are applying for a job the recruitment consultant is always the first screener. His primary job is to see that weather your potentials and credentials match with those that the company needs. The way to pursue them is to take the time and hammer more on the strengths and achievement, and make it easier for him/her by making them feel why you are a good match.

The HR Consultant’s Mind

This man is the recruitment procedural expert. There will be a more structural interview with this person and hence you will have to woo him more strongly. Try understanding his/her gestures. They always want to see the truth and honesty in you and want to understand weather your qualities match the necessities of the organization. So, it’s wise to understand that and convince them with your potentials and confidence.

Line Manager’s Observance

The line manager remains the most concerned because he/she is going to be your immediate supervisor and evaluate your performance. Hence focus on your workplace achievements and build a rapport with them.

Fathom their gestures

Even though this is what they will be doing while recruiting you, but still you can also do this to understand how they are feeling about you. For example, when someone suddenly folds his/her arms unusually it indicates that that person is not feeling easy or comfortable with you. Hence, learning these minor but cool gestures can also help you understand their behavior during an interview.

For The job holders at their workplace

The prior points mainly hit at the points which are crucial for the interviewees to understand their employer’s psychology. This section discusses more on how people on job can understand their employers better and get their satisfaction through job performance.

Give them what they want

Every bosses are not the same and everyone has some unique features of himself or herself. You need to understand those point that your boss likes and make him happy by keeping them in mind. Remember, a satisfied boss means a better recommendation and evaluation and ultimately a better return from the job position. Some bosses are friendly while some are rigid. So, it is the employee’s duty to understand their mindset and build a nice employee-employer relationship.


Another tool to read their minds is to comprehend how much they trust you. Trust is a vital ingredient in all relationships, even in the employer-employee relationship. If your boss trusts you he/she will be more open to you about their thoughts and you will better understand them also.

Appreciating Gestures

Sometimes hidden messages are there within our gestures. It is important that we learn reading these hidden messages. This can enable us to learn what our immediate supervisor indicates about us through his/her behavior.

Actually there is no steadfast rule that can ensure us understanding the employer’s psychology. But if we follow these points and be decent with them, it is more likely that we understand their thoughts about us and have a better relationship with them.

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    Nicely written. I expected some data and some small tips about interviews and dealing with bosses ?

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