You always try to know what people think about you, mostly when you go for an interview. Many regrets after giving an interview that if they had guessed the perception of the employees then he/she could get the job.

But is it an easy job? Think, how many times you have been correct about guessing the behavior of the people surrounding you? I guess the number would not be very big. Rather in most cases, our judgment regarding the future activity of any person goes wrong. And if the question comes to guess about the thinking of the recruiter seating just opposite to you, will be one of the toughest things on the earth.

In the interview there remains utmost level of pressure on us.  We cannot think freely, especially when the event relates to our career.  The veterans sitting on the other side hardly let any chance to know what storming in their mind. Still, we can conclude some of the things that they must need to think. Here some of the ideas which can help you.


Whenever and wherever you go for an interview the recruiter’s first concern will be your honesty. No one would want to hire a crooked employee. Yeah! For sure examining the credibility of a person in such short time is not possible in that sense. But, remember, the recruiters are mostly of high experience. So they can reach at least more comprehensive decisions than the other ones as they know the behavioral trend of the crooked and honest ones.


Your appearance has a great effect on the employer’s mind. Do not become too much pompous in the interviews. Rather, try to be gentle and tidy with your appearance.  Even emphasise your face that it should not look weary. A weary face can bring an impression that you were not serious with the job and you have something more important to undertake than to getting the job.

Presentation skills

Recruiters seek for high employees with high presentation skills. If you can present yourself the recruitment team gets at least to some extent of knowledge that you can be able to serve the organisation in the future with your presentation skills.

Expression and accent

If you become aggressive while talking or too meek, the employers have always eyes on your behaviors in front of them, watching this to happen. When you are smiling, when you are being serious in your face – all are thoroughly examined by the recruiters. Some jobs have characteristics that you have to be calm all the way through as there may happen so many things teasing you.  The recruiters will very cleverly trap you and keep eyes stuck on your expressions.

The accent is another thing that the recruiters need to worry about. Yes, it is obvious that one cannot change the way s/he talk, but an accent that is easily understandable is a very good asset.

Presence of mind

How one can handle the diverse situations instantly is a very important question for any sort of job. The adapting resources within you are very important topic for the people who want to employ people.  Recruiters look forward to know how you can manage the situations which apparently seem out of control. Your presence of mind can easily bring you a job, but just you have to know how to use it. It will help you if you know when you need to be a humorist or when you need to be a serious listener.


Your professionalism plays a key role in the mind of the employer. If you can make believe the recruitment team that you can be a professional employee- a deadline maintaining, serious, hard working employee with a good sense of humour about the world around you then you can be called professional worker.


When a company employs a worker, the cost of employing the person is quite high. Recruiters need to know how long will you stay with the organization in the future and how you can integrate your career pursuit with the goal of the organization.  They try to be sure whether you are going to leave the organization for a few dollars more or not.  Moreover, if you become high-ranked officer then much important and confidential information will be available to you. The recruiters have to be very concerned about your loyalty within the institution.

Expertise and knowledge

How much of the knowledge you have gathered from your schooling is very crucial for the employers. The expected knowledge level may relate to your major subject, but still, they want someone who is good about the current affairs.

Your expertise in the related job interests the recruiters a lot. You need to make them sure the level of expertise you have written in your resume is well compatible with offhand answers and your short exams taken during the interview.


Who is not fond of a charming personality? Your personality plays a vital role in the mind of the employees. A charming personality can influence people a lot. The great ones in the history possess always a great personality, that’s why they have reached the peak of the success.

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