What is Accelerated Learning Process?

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People always look for the things that can reduce the consumption of time and the effort needed for learning. The most advanced teaching and learning method used in current days is the Accelerated Learning method. It provides a process that speed up both the design and learning process. The process has proven its worth for a few times in the brain research.  Not only confined in the brain research, it also has tremendous ability to reduce the wastage of time and money. It is highly recommended by lots of experts. There are a lot of institutions and organizations now, which are using the methods and in reality it becomes more popular day by day.

How it becomes effective?

There remain always much of our dormant potential dormant. Our conventional learning system cannot cater this parts of the brain. They remain totally untapped. One research states that the great Albert Einstein had only been able to use the 17% of his brain. So, just try to imagine how much we can use our brain.  It is obvious that the accelerated learning process cannot make us use 100% of our brain, but still it can accelerate our learning by involving a person whole into creativity, music, colors, graphics and images, mental solution and  physical activity. Some of the requirements for the optimal level of outcome of the process is:

Learning Environment with positivity:

Positive thinking and the environment makes a person feel relieved. It takes the best out of a person. If the person has less concern to think over s/he can   concentrate more on learning. Other factors like interest and enjoyment are treated as the same for an optimal learning situation.

Involvement of the learner totally

To gain the teaching, you need to be an active player in the process. You cannot absorb it by merely watching it. The active process of learning  gets the best out of a learner. The accelerated learning process makes a learner to participate. It makes the learning more of activity based.

Aid among the learners

The collaboration among the learners help the learner to get anything under their understanding more. Two brains are better than one. Three is better than two. One might be good at mathematics and another might have a good command over literature. This makes the learning process faster because with the help of the collaborative learning.

The style should be with variety to attract learners

If anyone does not have anything else to watch on TV except a single daily soap, think how measurable the TV watching can be. This can happen to the learners as well. If the learners have enough option to choose, the learners will be more interested to learn.

Learning in the context

Learning in the context makes learners know and absorb most of the information tried to learn them. If the learning comes from the practical learning, the rate of absorption rate. This learning more  effective.

Accelerated learning: the guiding Principles

The involvement of whole body and mind

Learning, if thought of only for heads, then you are mistaken. It involves almost every part of your senses.  The learning process can really be effective if you can use the necessary senses as per your learning requirements.

Use the creativity

While you are trying to learn anything you have to be using your brain. Mere consuming the books cannot be a learning. Yeah, it can enlarge the domain of knowledge by one part, but the other parts of the learning will be undiscovered all the way through.

Alignment of learner helps

One of the major bases of learning is social. It can provide us the knowledge how to be a good citizen of a country. The allies of the learners help to be a part of a group. It  can become a way social learning. On the other hand, the completion can lead to more hostile conditions.

Simultaneous learning: learning can be of many levels at the same time

Learning has to be simultaneously at different streams. You cannot stop at a certain point or you cannot just be waiting to complete a certain level. Rather, you should look forward to learning at different dimensions. You cannot say that is enough for the day. For an example a school boy abandons his football practice because of his schools merely. Because, by the time he will complete the school time of having a nice career in football would have been passed.

Emotion is the part of learning

Emotion is a part of learning. Both the positive and negative emotions have an effect on the learning.  Positive feeling pumps up the learning. Sometimes the learning process becomes so much stressful and hard toiling, but still, the pain teaches much about the life. So, the emotional factors are also a part of the learning process.

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