7 Cheapest Foods Items with Good Health Value

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cheapest foods items

We are living in a box now where we need food fast, healthy and most importantly less costly. You
cannot afford $12 or $10 per meal. It is so much out of reach. But the good level of work energy comes
from good quality food. Many of us think that we cannot manage food quality without costing. But, it is
not all that true. You just need to aware what you are buying and how much it adds to your health.
Good food is all around you; you just need to find them out.


Sandwiches are of many kinds – chicken, vegetable and pork. The most attracting part sandwich is you
do not need to run an errand to find this food item. You can easily buy it from the roadside and
dominate your hunger with a meager amount of money. Do not worry about the food value of this item.
You just try to be sure that the sandwich you are buying is fresh and prepared in a wholesome condition.

A chicken sandwich or pork one would cost you about $1-2. Vegetable has a less price tag of less than

Vegetable soup

Whenever you think of food value, the food which comes to mind is surely the soup. A food item with
lots of nutrients and vitamins along with great taste can even attract the most unfoodie type of kid to
rush to the dining table. Whereas the food value is indubitable, the item is more of an inexpensive one.
Yes, you can make it a costly one by mixing different types of ingredients, but without those it can serve you as a very obedient item. Easily digestible, high in nutrients, low in price makes it as a daily food item on our table. So never hesitate to keep this on your daily food chain.


A family dinner with homemade spaghetti along with meatballs offers you a dish that you do not wish to miss in 101 times. Ground beef is one of the most inexpensive meats you can purchase, and pasta, even inexpensive too. An additional benefit for the penny-pinching chef is that spaghetti is filling, tasty and supplies a lot of people. And it is not boring because you can alter the sauce or the add-ins on the basis of what you have about the house — making this a simple regular feature on the weekly set of choices. A trouble-free salad and bit garlic bread craft this kind of family dinner will bring everyone to the table.


A food item which you can have from your vicinity with utmost ease, full of energy gives you economic
flexibility. Many doubts about the amount fat lie between the slices but, it is sure you if can control
yourself it will not bring the curse of excessive fat.

Moreover, if you are supposed to take this item, I am quite sure that you will not be willing to take so many items along with it. It is quite hunger satiable. So, you can complete your single meal within $1.5-3 with the help of hamburger.

Egg noodles

If you are just trying to have a meal cheaply and also fill your stomach, then go for the egg noodles.
Obviously, the heavy amount of calorie provided by the corn extract will give the amount energy you need to stand yourself for heavy duty jobs. The eggs will provide you with you the needed protein.

Moreover, different types of sauces can this item really palatable. Do not worry about the price. You can purchase the meal with less $2.


Are you worried about your weight so much that you are scared about having the low-calorie food?

Do not worry.

Doctors recommend highly the food item in this situation is having salads. Try to have
a vegetable salad. But a salad with some chicken would not be injurious to you. The salad will provide you with you enough water and minerals which will provide you the energy to work long hours. You also do not need to worry about your meal charge. For sure, it will not cost you more than $2.

Rice and Bread

These two items are common in our daily food chain. Isn’t it? Rice gives you needed the amount of
carbohydrate which will burn and give you the support to work long hours. In many countries, it is boiled rice is the main food. The Japanese main reason for their long hour preserved energy is rice. And if you think it will not be an inexpensive one, then you got to be joking.

Lastly bread, I think hardly on the hell of earth cannot hear the name and fame of this item. There are so many people on the earth that they cannot live a single breakfast without the bread and I do not think it is necessary to state the price of getting a loaf of bread in the palm.

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