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Mainul Kabir Aion

A Data Storyteller & Marketing Strategist, likes to work with user journeys, inbound strategies, customer behavior, business growth and content marketing. Always ready to learn new things and take on challenges. Loves to help and empower team members.

WordPress Lover & Regular Contributor

I really love WordPress and try to help the community in any way possible such as organizing Meetups in my local city, Dhaka. I am a Co-organizer and have successfully organized 20+ Meetups. I have attended, volunteered, and organized 10+ WordCamps and spoke at WordCamp Kathmandu on Marketing Fundamentals to level up your WordPress Business. 

Brands I have Helped So Far

Creativity & Passion

Content Marketing

I help companies to market their digital products using content marketing methodologies. I have already helped many successful companies including weDevs, One Education, Training Express, Adams Academy, WP Developer, XpeedStudio and more. With my help, these companies were able to start their marketing teams, grow their traffic, conversion rates and Sales.

Content Marketing
Business Storytelling
Email Marketing
Conversion Optimization

Data Driven

Growth Marketing

Recently, I have been focusing significantly on growth marketing tactics. It can be a lethal weapon for any company. I mainly focus on –

🚀driving enough traffic

🚀convincing them with high-quality content

🚀give something valuable so that they frequently visit

🚀convert them with market fit products

🚀finally, transform them into advocates who would happily refer to others.

My Thoughts & Writngs


I like to work with data,

user journey, inbound strategies,

customer behavior, and growth marketing.


Conversion Optimization

I am obsessed with growth and conversion optimization. Finding new strategies to improve the overall performance is what I do.

Content Writing

I can prepare any type of content within adequate time and maintain the best quality possible with fulfilling its true purpose

Research Work

I am very efficient in researching and can compile information to find the most appropriate solution and smart insights easily.

Get In Touch

Say Hi

If you need any kind of help or need to consult with me regarding content marketing, growth hacking or researching, just say hi!

Mainul Kabir Aion

House#1005, Road#9, Avenue#10, Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh

(+880) 1838424797

You can also connect on my social channels

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