Inbound Marketing VS Content Marketing: In-Depth Analysis

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Inbound marketing vs content marketing

Do you want to know more about inbound marketing and content marketing?

Don’t know how to differentiate these?

Then this blog can help you. At the end of this blog, you will have clear knowledge about inbound marketing and content marketing I can bet. You will get to know the difference and relations between inbound marketing and content marketing, stages of content and inbound marketing, and many more.

What is Inbound marketing?

According to HubSpot Inbound marketing is a marketing method which attracts, engages and delights people to grow business that leads to creating value and trust ”.

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HubSpot also states that “ Inbound marketing is a method of selling products and service to the organic visitor without creating any customer annoyance ”.

Inbound marketing is all about reaching to its organic leads without any paid promotion. It is highly beneficial for a business.

  What is content marketing?

HubSpot states that “Content marketing is a strategic marketing and business process of creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract the audience to make profitable customer action”.

How to plan content marketing for the different stages of the crisis | Enterprise Nation

Content marketing is the art of communicating with prospects without sales. Content marketing avoids disturbing the audience.

It is a good way to reach out to the audience by its relevant and valuable content. Valuable content can make customers read and share the content.

Looking for difference between content and inbound marketing?

There are some  difference between content marketing and inbound marketing:

  1. Inbound marketing targets specific buyer persona. Marketers practice inbound marketing according to their buyer persona.

In content marketing, Marketer focuses on broad target audience. They want to boost their content as well as possible.

  1. Inbound marketing wants to transfer their visitor into customer by their content. Inbound marketing wants to sell their product through their content.

On the other hand, content marketing focuses on the creation and distribution of content. Through content marketers want to make their website popular.

  1. In inbound marketing content is created to sell product. Inbound marketing is all about selling the product or service without any paid promotion.

On the other hand, in content marketing, sharing and reading the content by the audience is the main focus point. Content is mainly created for sharing and reading that boost the content to reach more audience.

  1. The main purpose of marketing is a brand building and through inbound marketing, a website can get its popularity.

On the other hand, the main purpose of content marketing is content creation and distribution.

 Stages of Inbound Marketing

 HubSpot states that Inbound marketing contains three steps:

  1. Attract: In this stage marketers create helpful contents. This content is capable of answering all the questions that customers can ask.
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  1. Engage: In this stage long lasting relation is build with the customer by helpful content. When customer finds content helpful they reach out for the content.
  1. Delight: Through content outstanding performance and customer satisfaction is created in delight stage. Customer is delighted by the performance.

Examples of Inbound Marketing:

  1. Blogging: Blogging is a popular way of marketing. It refers to write about a content by using image, video.
  1. SEO: Full form of SEO is “Search Engine Optimization”. It helps to increase organic visitor to your website. It increases traffic of the website.
  1. Podcasting: Podcasting is a well-known digital marketing strategy. It increases traffic of your website by distributing video and audio clip.
  1. Webinars: Webinar is an internet seminar. Which presents content to the web audience.
Dallas Digital Marketing Strategies | Achilles Interactive
  1. Email marketing: email marketing is used in the product and service marketing by using email channel and it creates relationship with the customers.
  1. Comment Marketing: Comment marketing is a digital marketing strategy where relations are created through sharing individual opinion.
  1. Online video marketing: video marketing is widely adopting marketing process by the marketers. You can promote your brand by using video.
  1. Word of mouth: Word of mouth is a digital marketing process where customers share their experience with another person about a brand.

Stages of content marketing:

Content marketing has four stages:

  1. Awareness: In this stage educating content is created to meet audience question. Audience face lots of problem. For their problem content is created.
  1. Evaluation: By the content customers make decision to buy product or not if it appears helpful to a customer.
  1. Conversion: Customers get the reason to purchase the product.
  1. Delight: By this stage marketers keep engaging their customer by further helpful content.

Examples of content marketing:

  1. Zomato adopted visual content marketing process. Zomato is a restaurant finder app. It is used in more than 24 countries. Zomato used image which refers popular culture. Through this strategy they gained 1.3 million followers on fakebook and twitter.
Ant-Backed India Food Delivery Startup Zomato Plans 2021 IPO
  1. Rolex used content marketing strategy. They used wonderful pictures of their watches and used it in their content. By this strategy they achieved 7 million followers on Instagram and 6.6 million on Facebook.
Rolex Deepsea Wristwatch Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock
  1. Blendtex is a video content marketing example. They made boring stuff interesting through their unique ideas. They put weird stuffs in their blender that made their video more appealing. By doing this they achieved 885000 subscribers on YouTube. This increased their sale by 700%.
The Best Ninja Blenders in 2020 (And Why They Are Worth Buying!)
  1. Share a coke campaign of Coca-Cola went viral for its unique strategy. They put 150 common name on their bottle to share a coke with. Thus people got encouraged to share a coke with that name.  250 million bottles and cans sold during summer for their unique idea.
Internationalization Of A Brand: Changing The Language, Changing The Context
  1. Charmin made excellent example by adopting unique content marketing strategy. Charmin helps people finding clean bathroom when they need it. For their unique action this app is downloaded over 100000 times.
Your guide to public bathrooms for this summer's road trip
  1. Burberry used the Burberry kisses to adopt their content marketing strategy. By pressing your lips on the screen you can give digital kisses to anyone via an app. You can see the route of the kiss by using google map.
ii view: Burberry shares remain unfashionable - interactive investor
  1. Lush grab the attention of their customer by adopting content marketing. Lush used weird name to address their product. Thus grab the attention of customer.
1,940 Lush Cosmetics Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

They also encouraged their customer to use hashtag while using the product or before using it. By doing it they ended up attracting            4 million followers on Instagram.

There are lots of other wonderful examples of content marketing.

Relations between content marketing and inbound marketing:


  1. Both in Inbound marketing and content marketing main focus point is content. Without helpful content inbound Marketing and content marketing is not possible.
The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in 2020
  1. Both inbound marketing and content marketing want to attract their audience with the content they create. They want to make their site more known by their content.
  1. Both inbound marketing and content marketing don’t want to disturb their audience. They don’t want to create annoyance by their unnecessary content. They want to reach out their customer without creating annoyance of their customer.
  1. Both inbound marketing and  content marketing no paid promotion is used. They reach to their organic customer through their helpful content.

Now which one is better?

Inbound marketing and content marketing both can make a business successful. Where inbound marketing focuses on specific buyer persona, content marketing wants to attract broad targeted customers. Inbound marketing creates their content to sell their product or service, content marketing creates content for being read and shared.

In inbound marketing content is created to transfer visitor into customer. On the other hand, content marketing is the creation and distribution of content. Content marketing is a part of inbound marketing. Both inbound and content marketing is effective for business.

Want to know more about content marketing and inbound marketing ?

Are you still confused to take decision Which will help you to take your business strategy to another level .

Then go for HubSpot inbound marketing and content marketing courses.

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