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It is now impossible to think of an oorganisationwithout an IT department. IT specialist plan, develop, organize, maintain and control the IT related matters for their organization. They can work on contract or they also can be hired for full time jobs.  Nowadays the It consultant or manager, whichever you like to denote them, plays a vital role in an organization. There are so many firms now are totally internet based. Almost 90% of the work is  done by these managers.  The entire supply chain has become IT based. An institution like banks and other marketing related organizations fully depend on the IT system of these organizations as from the form of bank client to the advertisement the products and services – all are done through the IT system.

At the individual level IT system has also a great effect. Now every Hollywood stars have websites of their own. Even many middle-class people are now having more than one website. To have these to whom they turn to? – Obviously to the IT consultants.

Key Qualities and Skills


First of all It consultant has to be creative. The number of the employee does not count in this matter rather how effective the group of employee is – that matters.

Deadline Maintaining

The IT team has to be deadline maintaining. Otherwise the whole system will collapse anytime.

Fast Responding

The team has to be rapid in their response. For an example, if the ATM system of a specific bank gets hampered, it needs to be fixed within very short time. Fast response is a key to success of an IT manager.

Team Player

An IT consultant has to be a team player because most of the jobs are designed by several people simultaneously. If someone is very good at IT related matters, but still unwilling to work in a group then s/he has to be a freelancer but cannot be an active part of an organization.


Without the love for the job one cannot sit before the computer hours after hours unless s/he loves the job what s/he is doing. Most of the cases, people try to venture through this profession for the passion because they can feel for the job.

Key Tasks for Being an IT Consultant

  • Identifying potential clients and building and maintaining contact
  • Attending the meeting with the client to fix what would be the task
  • Analyzing the scope of the project with sustainability tests and feasibility tests
  • Planning the time schedule and allocated the resources spending
  • Being clarified the requirements of the clients and allocate the job within various employees and fix a specific timeline to accomplish the job
  • If needed, going to the visit the customer sites
  • Contacting with each level of the client organization
  • Prepare the hardware, software and other necessary things
  • Giving the IT system plan based on the individual or organizational requirement and trying to estimate the effectiveness of the plan.
  • Preparing some alternatives and choose the best one among the alternatives
  • If any existing system is having a problem, then check for the solution. If not possible with current resources, trying to outsource with the international connections
  • For existing system’s problem solving, going to a thorough review if the problem cannot be identified with initial examinations.
  • If the task is to set up an entire system, then plan design and maintaining system accordingly
  • Helping the clients if the system requires major changes
  • Preparing the documents and presenting them in a creative way
  • Organizing the training operation for the users and the controllers
  • Preparing a system with a customer friendly view
  • Trying to build a more comprehensive network around the organization for the welfare of all
  • Involving oneself in sales and support and if possible, maintaining contact with client organizations

Educational Qualifications

The post IT consultant requires a graduation from the related field.  Graduation in electronic engineering, Information technology and computer science is given preference. But having a diploma can do the job for you as the job is more related to the practical expertise and the creativity level. Your programming may acclaimed the international organizations and you may become an international programmer. 


  • An IT consultant earns about $60000 in a year
  • The amount earning mostly depends on how much you work and for whom you work
  • Your work quality and creativity level play a vital role in the income

Salary is also dependent on position, size and type of company and  generally performance-related.

IT Consultant Training

Most of the training comes with the combined process to work in an organization or in house business, organizations offer different types of the training in programming languages and the systematic analysis. Training may also be provided for the management for project and business software. Training also comes in the packages of personal enhancement and personal business skills enhancement training. Some organizations give these trainings in the customize package.

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