Top Mistakes of Bloggers

Knowing the most common mistakes made by bloggers can help you avoid making them. In the end, you have complete control over your blog. You can choose to do or not do anything you want. Knowing the repercussions of certain actions or inactions can help you make better decisions.

Top Mistakes of Bloggers

Blogger Mistake #1 – Ignoring Comments

Ignoring the comments posted on your blog is a big mistake. Some bloggers never read the comments posted on their blog. This is bad for two reasons. First, you will gain no insight into your followers. Your followers are essential if you want to have a popular blog or a blog that you earn money from.

Think of your blog as a conversation, not as a monologue. Never ignore your readers. If you ignore them they will eventually ignore you.

Additionally, the comments section is where most SPAM will appear. Even if you install SPAM blockers there will be a certain amount of SPAM that is able to make its way through. SPAM can hurt your blog’s reputation and even cause problems on Google and the other search engines.

Blogger Mistake #2 – Infrequent Posting

Infrequent or irregular posting on your blog can lead to you losing followers. Even if you do not think anyone is reading your blog you want to set a schedule for blog postings and stick to it. It is important to have consistency on a blog, especially if it is a corporate blog or a blog intending to create revenue.

Depending on the focus of your blog you will need to determine the minimum frequency you can post on it. Some blogs can do quite fine with 3 or 4 blog posts per week while other blogs need 10 or more postings per day.

Your followers will start to expect to see postings regularly so do not disappoint them.

Blogger Mistake #3 – Taking Things Personally

Do not fall into the trap of taking criticism personally. You can expect to see your share of negative posts, perhaps even flaming (flaming is when someone viciously attacks another person online). Do not retaliate with a personal attack of your own. Simply delete the offending comment and move on.

These are the three biggest mistakes bloggers make. The key to succeeding with your blog is to review popular blogs and see what they do well. Try to focus on the positive aspects of blogging while keeping an eye out for common mistakes.

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