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We all need ERP for our businesses and so do you. That is why you are reading this post. weDevs released the beta version of WP ERP on March 18, 2016. It’s been almost 4 years since we started our journey. We have already performed about 2970 commits at our Git Repository. Since then we have been working dedicatedly to provide more useful features so that you can make a good use the WordPress Plugin WP ERP for a better business.

You will be delighted to know that we have recently released the latest update for you. Now, you can easily find the features including HRM, CRM and Accounting altogether as better assets for your business.

Powerful WordPress ERP with Combination of HRM, CRM & Accounting

You must agree to the fact that it is an incredible combo of these three modules altogether inside a single WordPress plugin. This makes WP ERP, a must have plugin for your business. You can rest assured that it can be more effective for you to have this instead of other traditional systems.

How Popular Companies Are Using WordPress ERP

Hype vs Logic, Which One Will You Choose?

Recently, many new ERP systems have spread over the market and people are going with the craze. Here, I am going to tell you that you can do better than this instead of going with the hype.

You are awesome if you are thinking the same. Why would you spend on traditional systems, when you can have the same features within the familiar interface of your business website using WordPress.

Do you see where this is going? There is no logical reason behind spending hundreds to thousands behind systems that can be acquired using your own website.

Similar Features Yet Free

Look around and you will see what these traditional ERP systems can do. They can help you with managing customers, employee, and more. You can also get HRM systems along with it.

You can have the same things if you install the WP ERP Plugin on your business powered by WordPress. There is no cost for installing the core modules, but there are more features and tools that can be purchased as add-ons. You can use the core modules for free as long as you want.

As you can see we are providing the same features about 90% of the traditional systems such as Exact, Infor, Epicor, IQMS etc. are providing. However, there are options to perform manual tasks within traditional ERP systems. If you are planning for a small business, then you can manage everything without manual tasks.

No Extra Cost for Maintenance

There is no subscription or yearly fees. You don’t have to hire employees to maintain the system for you and don’t even need professionals to prepare one for you. All you have to do is be smart and go with WP ERP.

Cloud-Based System

One of the most important benefit that 90% of the traditional ERP systems cannot provide you is the cloud feature. You can get cloud feature with WP ERP. All your information will be on the cloud and you can easily retrieve them if necessary. There is no hassle of maintaining computing resource and large hard drives. Your  data will be saved and secured on the cloud.

Reduced Cost for Computational Hardware

You don’t have to pay for additional hardware as cloud-based ERP systems powered with WordPress can provide you all the resources over the cloud. On the other hand, on-premises ERP systems require a lot of money to maintain the overall lifecycle.

More Secure Than You Think

As mentioned earlier, the data will be saved and secured by third party vendors. This can be a great thing for small businesses as they don’t have to think about security. Skilled professionals of the vendor are responsible for a stable, secure and updated system. They will provide necessary updates, configuration and troubleshooting if required. Besides that all your data are stored in your own domain and this makes your system more secure.

Customization is Possible

It is also possible for you to request customizations and what can be changed with the vendor. It creates a collaboration which helps a lot to find out problems and solve them as soon as possible.

Less Implementation Time and Easy to Adapt

Besides that, you will need a good amount of time to implement traditional systems due to adaptability issues. Cloud-based WP ERP requires a few minutes to implement and you can find all the required information on the documentation. Even, if you don’t have enough IT knowledge, you can still adapt to the system easily.

The easy to use interface is similar to WordPress Dashboard. This makes things easy for you in order to manage your business using the website.

Enough said for today, but you have seen that WP ERP is way more effective than traditional ERP systems. You will save money and time with it.

If you choose to purchase some add-ons, then you will find it more helpful to save more time, stability, security and updates that can help you to build a successful business without having traditional ERP systems. Smart and awesome people like you will always choose WP ERP for WordPress sites over 90% of the traditional ERP systems.

What do you think? Will you go with the hype or do something challenging and new such as install WP ERP for your business.

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