How Long Does It Take to Learn a Language?

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There might be event in that you have to learn a specific language in a certain time. Yes, it is not necessary to ask a similar type of question while you are contemplating about learning a new language. Actually, there is no example for this question can be given in exact manner. Rather, it is quite subjective matter though the whole process is dependent on four specific factors.

  • How much of the time you can allocate to a learn a language in a particular day
  • The difficulty level of a language
  • The individual capability to absorb the language
  • The excellence with which you try to learn a language

How Much of Time You Can Allocate to Learn a Language in a Particular Day

It is quite frequent that a person starts a task with lots of enthusiasm. To be straight forward most of us belong in this class. If you have any experience of going to a classroom, try to remember the marginal rate of decrease in the number of the students from the first day that you can count. Yes, as the day passes by the number of the students tends to decrease in great number. I have an experience of my own. I French classes when we entered it contained 50 odd, but now guess what, it has descended down to only ten.

Not only this, the amount of time you can spend on a particular subject matters the most about learning something. Daily two or hours learning and the 45 minutes daily is not the same thing. If you count it you can easily measure how much you can learn in 2-3 hours a day and 45 minutes a day.

The Difficulty Level of Language

Different languages have different features. The pronunciation, spelling way, grammatical structures and phonetics vary from language to language.  For all of these a language may seem more difficult than another. For instance, Japanese has three different forms of its own. The Chinese language contains all about 10000 letters.

The US govt has categorized different language difficulty in different categories. They categorized total 5 types. Those are:

Category 1: French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian

Category 2: Indonesian, German

Category 3: Tagalog, Hebrew, Russian and Persian

Category 4: Chinese, Japanese, Korean and modern Arabic

There is much debate that how much this category is appropriate. Much is quite sure native English speaker can much ease when s/he sees the alphabets of the category 1 to category 2. Moreover, you can find lots of similarities in the vocabularies in English and category 1 language. The category gives a good guideline only.

The Individual Capability to Absorb the Language

It is quite of an inborn quality. Every person has his own level and upper hand subjects. If your faculty supports to absorb a language, then it is obvious that you will be able to find less difficulty in learning the language. And as usual, it happens in every part of our life. It is your mental ability. A result shows that those who has a tendency to learn a language easily, can learn other languages very easily.

The Excellence with which You Try to Learn a Language

It is another thing that means how hard you try. The level of effort and the quality of your effort carries great significance in learning a language. If you are able to learn anything without distraction and the full effort of effort your faculty, it is likely to take less time to learn a language. So, remember one thing, the more you allot your time to attain certain thing, you will have better chances to learn it quickly and the more you can use that time efficiently, you will get it sooner.

Being Fluent in How Many days

Being fluent and prefect does not mean the same thing. They are quite in the same direction, but not totally. Fluent means to get the capability to use language with good command. On the other hand, perfection comes with the flawlessness. But according to the categorization you may need time for acquiring a specific language is given in the following table:

If you do not find the language which you are trying to learn in the categories, then match your language with a similar language. The chart gives almost the similar the result.

In fine, another thing you need to consider in which conditions you are trying learning the language. If you are trying to learn French residing in France, you will get more conducive conditions to learn the language. Moreover, the capability of an individual is subjective. No one can have the exact measure of it and if you have a kick-ass teacher the whole process may take hell lot of less time.

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