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WordPress is the number one Content Management System. Around 39% of the world’s websites are built with WordPress. However, some people think it might not appropriate for big companies. That is not true as big brands using WordPress around the world are easy to find!

You must be thinking – why big brands prefer WordPress over any other CMS (Content Management System)?

We will discuss in this article why WordPress is so preferable.

Why WordPress is so preferable to the big brands?

WordPress is a widely used website or blog making software that is most preferable to big brands. Now WordPress is used to make 39% of websites on google.

The main concern of WordPress is to focus on certain audiences like WordPress provides a Platform to bloggers for digital communication. Big brands can easily change the appearance of the website by using themes.

Big brands want to use rather than It gives them facilities to own their content, keeps their content secured and safe, easily manageable.

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There are lots of other reasons why big brands prefer WordPress rather than using other software

WordPress is user Friendly:

The user of WordPress can easily use it without facing any difficulties. They don’t need difficult coding for building websites. You don’t need any kind of training to work with WordPress. If you are new in this field you can use it as much as effectively as an IT Engineer.

Easy to manage:

By using WordPress management activities got lots more easy. You don’t need to be an expert for managing your content.

Big companies have lots of content that need to be managed properly. WordPress gives them this feature.

WordPress is an open-source content management system:

As WordPress is an open-source, anyone can use it. It is free for all. Anyone can make changes to its functionality. You can easily use it and can be a part of it.

WordPress can make website beautiful:

Big companies can make their website more beautiful and attractive by using the themes of WordPress. 54000 themes are available on WordPress. By using these they can make their website more attractive.

Websites are mobile responsive:

Now the majority of people use mobile most than any other device. They want to do everything on their mobile. So it is important how your website will look on the mobile screen.

WordPress gives this Unique facility to make the site mobile responsive. Websites can be 100% mobile responsive.

WordPress is 100% search engine friendly:

WordPress ensures a high rank in search engines. Which is very much important to draw traffic to your website. WordPress is SEO friendly for that big brands prefer to use it.

They can optimize their websites by using SEO plugins.

Managing multimedia becomes more easy because of WordPress:

WordPress contains lots of social networking plugins. Big brands can easily manage multimedia by these social networking plugins.

Websites can have lots of posts and pages:

Big brands need to contain lots of content on their websites. They need to manage lots of posts and pages as their company grows.

WordPress gives them this facility to have lots of posts and pages. WordPress always focuses on what the brand needs.

WordPress gives customization facility:

Big brands can fully customize their website as they want. they can change the appearance of the website through themes. They can bring lots of changes to the functionality of their websites through these plugins.

WordPress is not just a software:

It is like a community. It is not only a platform there content can be shared. Thousands of contributors use WordPress. That makes WordPress a community rather than software.

Like a community, WordPress provides support to its user. User can get support from WordPress if the user faces any problem. Users can make changes to its functionality. User and WordPress both work together and act as a community.

Easy to install:

Don’t need to face any problem during its install. The use of WordPress is high because users can easily install it and work with it. Don’t need to be Well Known for it.

Which are big brands using WordPress?

There are lots of famous and big brands using WordPress to make their websites. They are:

Vogue, Bata, eBay, Observer, Sony, Samsung, Facebook Newsroom, Angry Birds, Toyota Brazil, Forbes, CNN, and lots of other big brands.


Vogue is a monthly magazine of America which is based on fashion and lifestyle that includes clothing, culture, beauty, living, lifestyle. It is based in New York.

Vouge - A big brand using WordPress

It is founded on December 17, 1892. The founder of vogue is  Arthur Baldwin Turnure.


Bata is a multinational footwear and fashion accessory manufacturing company. After world war two it got nationalized.

Bata - A big brand using WordPress

The founder of Bata is Tomas Bata. It is founded on August 24, 1894. Now it is founded in the Czech Republic.


American multinational eCommerce corporation which is based in California. The founder of eBay is Pierre Omidyar.

eBay - A big brand using WordPress

It is founded on September 3, 1995. Its revenue is 10.8 billion USD.

The observer:

It’s a British newspaper which is published on Sunday. Its sister newspaper is the guardian, the guardian weekly. It is first issued in 1971.

Big brands


It’s a Japanese multinational electronics company which is founded on May 7, 1946. Akio Morita, Masaru Ibuka are the founders of Sony.

Big brands

Angry birds:

It’s a video game that is first released on December 11, 2009. The developer of Angry Birds is Rovio Entertainment. The designer of Angry Birds is Jaakko Lisalo.

Big brands

Toyota Brazil:

It’s a car company that first launched its branch in 1958. After world war two they started their overseas production in other counties.

Big brands


American business magazine which is first issued on September 15, 1917. It contains finance, business, marketing, investing articles.

Big brands

It is based in Jersey city, New jersey, U.S. Editor of Forbes is Randall Lane.


CNN is an American news-based television channel. It is owned by the CNN network. It is founded in 1980.

Big brands

New York Post:

It’s a daily tabloid newspaper first issued in 1801. The publisher of it is Sean Giancola. The founder of the New York Post is Alexander Hamilton.

Big brands

MTV News:

It’s a news production division. Its service is available in U.S.A. First episode released in October 1987.

Big brands


It’s an American multinational business magazine and its headquarter situated in New York City. The founder of it is Henry Luce. The first issued date of fortune is 1929.

Big brands


It’s a German Automotive brand that manufactures luxury vehicles and commercial vehicles. It is founded in 1926.

Big brands

Curl Benz is the founder of Mercedes-Ben. Headquarter is in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg.

BBC America:

It’s an American basic cable network. BBC Studios and American Network jointly owned it.

Big brands


TechCrunch is an American online newspaper that focuses on high-tech. It is founded in June 2005. Its headquarter is in the Area, United Stated. The editor of it is Matthew Panzarino.

Big brands

Wrapping up:

Most of the big brands prefer to use WordPress for their websites because WordPress provides Lots of facilities. Like mobile responsiveness, 100% customization facility, SEO friendly, unique theme, and plugin facility, Easy installation facility, user-friendly facility, and managing the multimedia facility.

These unique features of WordPress make website activities more easy, attractive, secure. For managing content successfully WordPress is the first choice for most brands.

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